#1 - Kevin said:
2008-11-21 10:17 -

Your bravery is admirable. 'm a little feint of heart and like to hear a few success stories before I jump. Keep us posted.

#1.1 - C Velo said:
2008-11-22 14:06 -

After 24 hours, so far, so good. ;-) Haven't had any negative side effects yet (unlike RAhrens), and I am liking the miscellaneous additions (i.e. improved Safari, Home button scrolling to the first page of apps and of course, Google Street View - coolness factor of that one can't be beat ;-) ).
As for Safari stability, that is still too early to tell as is the better HTML formatting of email (my HTML emails always came through just fine).

#2 - RMA 2008-11-22 13:17 -

The update had one problem for me - it wiped out my voicemail history. I had one voicemail I had not yet retrieved, and it was gone after the update. Bastards.

#2.1 - C Velo said:
2008-11-22 14:01 -

Hmm - that is strange - did not have that happen on mine. :-/
That would be a huge bummer to lose my voice mails.

#2.2 - Kevin said:
2008-11-22 18:32 -

I have yet to actually get a voicemail, so it didn't mess me up either way when I upgraded.

#2.3 - RMA 2008-11-26 01:01 -

All the voicemail history returned after I got a new voicemail, so at least it wasn't lost. Still some kind of bug there.

#2.3.1 - C Velo said:
2008-11-26 01:15 -

That is a relief that the voice mails came back in the end (still annoying to be given the heart attack at first though).
Since you have been 3G deprived during most of your travels, I won't ask you how you are enjoying the Google Street View addition.
As for myself, I am enjoying the (seemingly) increased Safari stability (although I have probably jinxed myself now.. ;-) ), as well as the "Home" button 1st page button shortcut (since I am now up to 84 applications).

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